Cumbria superfast broadband reaches 75% coverage

The rollout of superfast broadband across Cumbria has reached a key milestone, as over 90,000 premises now have access to increased internet speeds as part of the Connecting Cumbria programme.

The fibre network implemented by the county council and BT, combined with commercial networks, now covers 75% of properties in the region.

The council has said that two thirds of properties which have access to fibre broadband through the Connecting Cumbria initiative are receiving 50 Mbs, which far exceeds the superfast threshold as set by Broadband Delivery UK.

The achievement was celebrated at a digital inclusion event in Longtown last week, which aimed to help all local residents gain the skills and capability to access the internet.

Rory Stewart MP said: “Given that the fundamental challenge of rural areas is the barrier of distance, we must emphasise that there is nothing more powerful than the technology of broadband and mobile in overcoming that barrier and in bringing rural areas all the opportunities of networked lives.”

Kieran Charleson, BT’s regional partnership director, said: “BT along with Connecting Cumbria has now given almost 90,000 homes and businesses across the county access to this digital technology.

Fibre broadband has the power to transform lives and the economy but we have to let people know how to get it and what it does.

This series of workshops, each attended by up to 80 people, is showing people and businesses how they can be part of the digital revolution and a new connected community.”

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