Martha Lane Fox to champion digital health with the NIB

The health minister Jeremy Hunt has announced that Baroness Martha Lane Fox is to help develop practical proposals to the National Information Board as it ensures that the UK health service takes up new digital innovations.

Commenting on the appointment, Jeremy Hunt said: “If we are to embrace the potential for technology to shift power to patients, we need patients to be willing and able to harness that technology.

Digital inclusion is as vital in healthcare as everywhere else – not least because some of the greatest impacts of new technology in health is with the most vulnerable patients.

I have therefore asked Martha Lane Fox to develop some practical proposals for the NHS National Information Board before the end of the year as to how we can increase take-up of new digital innovations in health by those who will benefit from them the most.”

Tim Kelsey, chair of the NIB and national director for patients and information at NHS England, said: “The NIB really looks forward to working with Martha on how best to support patients and citizens take up new digital innovations in health and care.

Digital inclusion is vital and a key priority of ‘Personalised Health and Care 2020’, the NIB framework for action.

Everybody who wants to take advantage of new opportunities offered by technology to improve their health and wellbeing – and to support themselves when they are ill – must be able to do so.”

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