BT seeking partners for August trial

BT has said it is seeking partnerships with local internet service providers for its test of broadband in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire as the company prepared to provide internet speeds of 500Mbps within ten years.

The technology, which provides speeds in excess of ten times that of superfast broadband, is set to be tested in August.

It uses existing copper cables to maintain speeds up to 1Gbps up to a quarter of a mile from the cabinet, which makes it more effective at boosting local speeds than the existing Fibre to the Premises approach to most broadband projects.

The trial in Huntingdon is seeking to test the deployment of the technology and its feasibility, whilst also testing the speeds and overall service that it can currently provide customers.

BT has estimated that the technology can deliver speeds of 500Mbps to a majority of the UK within a decade.

During testing the company has reached speeds of up to 800Mbps in a test centre and speeds of 700Mbps at a distance from an exchange that would cover 80% of properties currently using the Openreach service.

There are set to be further trials in Newcastle and a smaller scale pilot in Swansea.

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