Digital transformation provides ‘most plausible response’ to austerity, says Socitm report

Digital transformation provides the ‘most plausible response’ to austerity, as local and central government faces further significant funding cuts, according to a report by Socitm.

The ‘Living with austerity: making hard choices for ICT investment’ says that although digital should play a key role in creating sustainability in public services, setting departments to capitalise on the digital opportunities is a significant barrier.

The report urges IT managers to work collaboratively to change the culture within departments, this will include tackling entrenched mindsets, technophobia and concerns about job security.

It recommends that IT managers show how technology can modernise services and follow the lead of the GDS which positioned IT as a digital service and key component of the business rather than a ‘back office’ technology provider.

We are perhaps only half-way through the journey that is austerity,” says Nick Roberts, Socitm’s immediate Past President.

The only way we can achieve the required organisational savings is to be radical and disruptive and force an organisation to work differently. Socitm believes it is the responsibility of the CIO and their teams to identify these opportunities.”

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