Wiltshire Council invests £500,000 to modernise CCTV system

Wiltshire Council has pledged an investment of £500,000 into modernising the CCTV network in Salisbury City centre.

The new network, which will replace the 20-year-old analogue system, will cover the most effective areas and provide a 24-hour stream to the police force.

The current CCTV system uses fibre-optic cables to relay images back to a monitoring room, but the new network will be designed so that cabling is no longer required. This change is expected to save the authority £75,000 per year.

Keith Humphries, cabinet member for public protection, said: “The key here is to modernise the city’s CCTV network, while simultaneously reducing the burden on the taxpayer by investing in the latest technology.

The network will continue to protect commercial areas of the city during the daytime as well as helping to maintain the city’s purple flag status for its safe night time economy.”

A pot of £75,000 has been raised by the council and local police commissioner to ensure that the existing system runs sufficiently until the new network is available.

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