George Osborne calls upon the public sector for cost-cutting suggestions

In a bid to help him cut departmental spending by £20bn, Chancellor George Osborne is turning to the public sector for money saving ideas. The Chancellor and chief Treasury secretary, Greg Hands, are writing to public sector workers –including teachers, nurses and diplomats – asking them to take part in an online survey that aims to discover “ideas for how to get more for less”.

Within his letter, the Chancellor said: “You know first-hand where things are working well on the frontline of public services, but also where the waste is and where we can provide better services for less money.‎”

The invitation is a reprise of a similar exercise carried out in 2010, which elicited a number of ideas on how to cut costs – such as ending the issuing of plastic national insurance number cards and reducing the need for multiple Criminal Records Bureau checks by giving employers greater electronic access to records – and subsequently “saved millions of pounds”.

Public sector workers have until September 4 to submit their ideas online, where they will then be considered by the Treasury and Cabinet Office and other departments.

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