Mike Bracken unexpectedly leaves government post

Mike Bracken, the Executive Director of the Government Digital Service (GDS) and government Chief Data Officer, has made the shock announcement that he is resigning.

A founder of GDS, Bracken has spearheaded the UK government’s digital transformation over the past five years and has helped to improve government services and establish a “new generation of digital and tech talent”.

John Manzoni, Chief Executive of the Civil Service, said of the Executive Director: “Mike has played a central part in developing a functional model at the heart of government, and digital has paved the way for joining up the centre and departments until a single vision.”

In a GDS blog post, Bracken expressed his belief that he is leaving the government’s digital delivery in “capable hands”. He said: “The GDS leadership is strong, our plans are clear and focused, our people – and digital teams across government – are rolling up their sleeves to continue the work of transformation.”

According to GOV.UK, Bracken will stay in his role until 30th September and will “assist in identifying the best structure for the next phase of digital transformation”.

Click here to see our recent interview with Bracken at the at the DL100 Awards about the current landscape in the UK’s digital public sector.

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