Poll reveals public’s response to possibility of broadband levy

As the government examines how it can raise approximately £500m to provide super-fast broadband to the “final 5%”, the broadband news and information site thinkbroadband have carried out a poll to find out how the public feel about the prospect of a broadband levy.

According to the BBC, a levy on firms involved in rolling out broadband is currently the favoured option for generating money to provide high-speed internet access to remote areas, and such a levy would reportedly “add around £1 a month to domestic broadband bills”.

Within its poll, thinkbroadband asked its audience: “Should broadband providers be made to contribute towards getting superfast broadband available to all premises?” Over 1,300 people took part and the result was almost a tie, with 50.30 per cent saying ‘Yes’ and 45.40 per cent saying “No”.

However, the results were clearer when thinkbroadband changed the question to the more personal: “Would you personally be happy to pay a supplement on your broadband connection to fund roll-out of superfast to the final rural and urban areas?” With just 33.10 per cent answering “Yes” and 63 per cent answering “No”, “only 1 in 3 seemed happy with the idea of a levy”.

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