Is your organisation geared up for digital?

Digital is gradually becoming an intrinsic factor for the success of many businesses, yet many people still have their eyes closed and only associate digital with social media and digital marketing. To drive an organisation’s success, leadership teams need to grasp the concept of continual evolution and broaden their action plans to explore advanced opportunities in digital.

The key digital imperatives your business should have

The ADBL (the Academy of Digital Business Leaders) has identified seven crucial imperatives that need to be considered when responding to the transitional digital climate:

  • Change your customer’s behaviour
    Organisations must set themselves up for the shift in consumer behaviour and prepare for the continual advancements in technologies to allow for enhanced customer journeys.
  • Take digital channels to market
    Take advantage of your upcoming digital channels. Reach out and interact with your customers through digital means that are often taken for granted.
  • Make use of data
    Create a customer-centric approach with your data; identify the opportunities available to your business.
  • Be agile and innovative
    Fail fast, fail often; and continually innovate practices and methods to keep up with the current market and customer demands.
  • Disrupt the market
    A phrase used so often, but what does it mean for business? Simple: embrace change. Identify key digital disruption opportunities in your marketplace and scope out an action plan for your organisation.
  • Be digital in all you do
    Become digitally capable. It encompasses every part of your business so adopt innovative internal processes. Understand the technological landscape and how you can use it to transform and improve your business.
  • Keep an eye on emerging technology trends
    Be one step ahead of key digital changes, get ahead of your competitors and be competent in what works well.

The ADBL has launched an advanced executive programme in digital business leadership, which gives digital leaders the knowledge, skills and mindset to create a tangible go-to-market action plan and step their business forward in digital.

The Tech Partnership announced they will fund £500 funding per employee on all ADBL courses, including the Diploma in Digital Business Leadership, for all UK-based organisations. Take advantage of this and take your organisation’s digital capabilities – and your own – to the next level.

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