Government saves £330 million for taxpayers by making campaigns more efficient

New statistics have revealed that, by making its campaigns more cost effective, the Government Communications Profession saved £330 million for taxpayers in 2014-2015, compared to 2009 to 2010.

These new audited figures suggest that the profession cut spending by £1billion during the last Parliament.

These savings are a result of the policies introduced in 2010, designed to ensure “every taxpayer penny counts”.

Such policies include transferring to lower and no cost channels, including “digital and nudge techniques”.

Another important factor has been the “partnering with the private sector”. For example, the Superfast Broadband campaign, in partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce, has “helped to get the message to more than 92,000 businesses at no cost”.

According to, the total value of planned proactive communications in 2015-2016 is predicted to be 50 per cent less than it was in 2009-2011.

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