Northumberland County Council scoops award for online tool

Northumberland County Council has won an award for for the “best example of innovation in local digital services underpinned by local address/street data“.

The local authority earned the Local Digital Award at the GeoPlace Exemplar Awards for the development of its Report It website, which unites unique data to a customer’s address. The tool allows local people to discover specific information according to where they live, and enables them to report directly to the council.

It works by linking council data sources via the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) and the Local Street Gazetteer (LSG) to a “self-service online portal“.

Ryan Gilchrist, information governance manager for Northumberland County Council and a developer of the new tool said: “We wanted to develop an easy, user-friendly way for users to select a location on a digital map and for that click to retrieve data from the LLPG and LSG.”

Dave Ledger, the deputy leader of the Northumberland County Council, said that the council is “committed” to making the most of all digital opportunities in the way that it “designs and delivers its services”.

The Council previously won Best in the region for street data Exemplar Award.

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