Leeds City Council chooses three suppliers for ICT framework

Three suppliers have been appointed by Leeds City Council in its framework strategy for the delivery of ICT services to itself and its public sector partners.

It has been reported that Lockheed Martin Business Technology Solutions, Fujitsu Services and Methods Advisory Limited have been selected for the four year contract.

The original tender, released earlier this year, stated: “The framework will be used on a project by project basis to supplement the council and its partners existing contracts and permanent / temporary resource.

It is also a fundamental requirement that the framework suppliers effectively work with and up-skill the Council and its public service partners own workforce.

The council also said that the appointed suppliers to the framework must be able to work in a “flexible, agile” manner.

It added that, whilst it is “theoretically possible” to divide the framework into lots – “based upon technologies or skill-sets” – it had chosen not to as it could make it difficult for the council to manage.



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