Improvements made to G-Cloud 7 submission process

Submissions for G-cloud 7 (G7) are scheduled to open at the end of the month and there have been a number of improvements made to the submissions process.

As a result of user feedback on G-Cloud 6 (G6), a number of changes have been made to make the process more user-friendly this time around.

The changes, which are listed in a GOV.UK blog post, include:

“Single system application”: Supplier submissions will now go through a single system on the Digital Marketplace.

“Clarification questions”: Registered suppliers will be notified with updates to clarification questions for G7.

“Guidance in plain English”: For G7, plain English will be used in the security assurance questions, as well as in the guidance on having a complaint submission. There will also be explanatory notes to help suppliers through these sections and ensure that they “accurately represent procurement regulations”.

“Supplier Information”: When suppliers submit their services for G7, they will be asked for the same information that they did during the G6 submission.

Before they can apply to G7, suppliers new to G-Cloud will need to create a supplier account on the Digital Marketplace.

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