Openreach and BT may need to split, says Labour MP Chris Bryant

Labour MP Chris Bryant has said more attention should be given to the separation of BT and its infrastructure unit Openreach.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, the shadow secretary of state for culture, media and sport said: “Although BT Openreach, which owns the existing copper network and delivers the rollout, is nominally at arm’s length from BT, it is right that Ofcom is now considering whether this provides an unfair advantage to BT and whether it should be split off in the interests of transparency and fair competition.”

The situation is so bad that Ofcom’s review should work on the presumption that Openreach should be split from the rest of BT unless their review produces conclusive evidence to the contrary,” he added.

Bryant criticised Ofcom for being too cautious and said that it is time the government reformed it’s “overly burdensome” appeals process.

“With a swathe of the country still travelling at a snail’s pace digitally, the system has failed to deliver,” he said.

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