GDS posts update on Common Technology Services

In a blog post for GOV.UK, the government’s deputy Chief Technology Office (CTO) Magnus Falk has said that the GDS will be accelerating the creation of the Common Technology Service (CTS) organisation.

The CTS will help government departments offer their staff better value technology that can help fulfill user needs and render cross-government collaboration easier and cheaper. The new service should therefore help civil servants work in a more flexible and efficient manner.

Falk wrote:  “Our aim is to make the Civil Service more flexible and more productive. We do this by ensuring technology is a tool, not a barrier”.

The CTS has been created as a result of work undertaken by the GDS on technology infrastructure, including two projects: Cabinet Office Technology Transformation and the Crown Hosting Service. The first project involved delivering civil servants with better everyday tools, and the second aided departments to use “cost effective data centre capacity much more easily”.

The CTS team are currently working with departments to determine what its initial projects will be. They are building teams and project plans in the following four areas: “departmental engagement”, “commercial”, “technical” and “delivery”.




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