GDS begins discovery work on status tracking and notifications

In a bid to discover how platforms can improve the way in which people communicate with government, the Government Digital Service (GDS) has started discovery work on status tracking and notifications.

The aim is for the GDS to improve how it keeps people updated when they have requested something from the government.

Peter Herlihy, Product Manager at GDS, explained in a recent blog post: “By quickly telling people that we’ve received their application, made a decision, or when they can expect to receive their money/ passport/ license etc we can keep them informed, and reduce the need for them to pick up the phone.”

According to Herlihy, status tracking and notifications are amongst the common building blocks for Government as a Platform, as they will make it faster and simpler for those providing digital services to “just plug in the bit they need” as they build new services, as well as go over existing ones.

It will give the GDS the chance to improve communication between people and the government, and hopefully prevent millions of phone calls and letters that are not needed.

As well as this, data generated by the platforms might enable the GDS to give people a better idea of when they will receive the thing that they have requested.

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