GDS transformation director reveals departure

Transformation programme director of the Government Digital Service (GDS), Michael Beaven, has announced that he has left the civil service and taken a position at Methods Digital.

Beaven, who has been part of the GDS since 2011, revealed his new role in a LinkedIn post entitled “Time for a change”.

He said: “So after four amazing years I am saying goodbye to the Civil Service and GDS.  It has been amazing working with Mike Bracken and being part of the team that has delivered a new world standard in digital for government.

It has been tough but very rewarding, and now it is time for a new chapter.”

He went on to commend the transformation team for their “ground breaking” work on the Exemplar Programme and the Enabling Strategy.

He said: “No one had attempted anything like the breadth of change in government before and it is a testament to the Civil Servants, contractors and companies who worked so hard to pull off the achievements we did.

And, I don’t just mean the GDS folk.  All the people across BIS, Home Office, Justice, Defra, DWP, HMRC, DVLA and Cabinet Office who went out on a bit of a limb and took some personal risk to deliver service simpler, clearer and faster.  If you cannot remember have a look at this”

Beaven added that, at Methods Digital, he hopes to continue work of supporting Government Departments with their digital ambitions and introduce fresh skills and talents from the private sector.

He joins a number of other key figures to announce their departure from the GDS in recent months, including director Mike Bracken, head of user research Leisa Reichelt, director of strategy Russell Davies, design director Ben Terrett and deputy director Tom Loosemore.

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