80% of CIOs resent paying for premium cloud services

Most cloud users are unhappy with the level of tech support they receive from their providers and a whopping 80 per cent feel “ripped off”, suggests research from ElasticHosts.

According to the poll of 200 UK CIOs, 93 per cent are now cloud technologies but 75 per cent feel making the move has forced them to make sacrifices in service and support.

To reinforce this point, 33 per cent of respondents said they feel moving to the cloud has meant forfeiting access to most IT support; while 84 per cent said service providers could do more to reduce the maintenance burden this places on in-house IT teams.

While some cloud providers offer additional support contracts, if users are willing to pay a little extra each month, ElasticHosts’ research suggests most users (80 per cent) resent having to pay a premium for it.

Richard Davies, CEO Of ElasticHosts said:

“Many companies adopt cloud so they can take away the headaches related to managing their IT, and reduce the burden on in-house IT staff. Therefore, the need for ongoing support and services will naturally be reduced, as it is outsourced.”

“Yet, when using any service, you want to be able to ask questions – whether that’s to learn how to configure a server or to query a bill – and you should be able to do this without having to pay a hefty premium.”

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