Progress made in GOV.UK Verify journey

A new blog post by Janet Hughes, Identity Assurance programme director, offers an update on the progress being made towards GOV.UK Verify going live. It is expected that approximately 30 government services will be using GOV.UK Verify by April 2016, and another 20 will join in 2016-2017.

GOV.UK Verify is an emerging way for users to prove who they are online, so that they can use services on GOV.UK securely.


Surge in demographic

The GDS estimates that GOV.UK Verify can now cover around 80 per cent of the UK adult population, compared to 65 per cent at the start of their public beta. They hope that this will increase to 90 per cent by April 2016.

New methods allowing people to prove their identity in a straightforward way – and with fewer pieces of evidence – have been introduced. The blog post cites certified companies applying new methods to validate documents as an example.

For example, certified companies have implemented new ways to validate official documents so that users with any passport and any EU identity document can use those documents as identity evidence, and new ways to validate payment cards without reference to a user’s credit reference data,” Hughes said.

The existing and new certified companies will be adding more data and methods over the coming months, further increasing the demographic coverage of the service towards our 90% target by April 2016.”


Increasingly efficient

At the launch of GOV.UK Verify, the success rate was 40 per cent; however it has now risen 69 per cent and aims to reach 90 per cent by April.

It is hoped that, as certified companies advance and grow their services – and new identity providers join – success and completion rates will continue. According to the blog post, an increasing success rate will be down to:

  • “Increasing the range of high quality certified companies – we signed a new framework agreementin March 2015 with 9 certified companies. The four existing providers (Digidentity, Experian, Post Office and Verizon) will be joined by 5 more (Barclays, Paypal, Morpho, Royal Mail and GB Group).”
  • “An increased range of methods and data sources”
  • “Making the service as straightforward as possible for people”


Further developments

Other GOV.UK Verify progress includes work being done to make sure those who aren’t able to verify their identity online are nevertheless able to use digital services.

Furthermore, the Identity Assurance team are working with nine certified companies to “prepare them to onboard their services under Framework 2”. They are around a third of the way through and are working to “complete all onboarding gates” by January 2016.

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