Scottish Government switches from Scottish Business Portal to

The Scottish Government has launched, a portal for Scottish people to access public services digitally.

The site, which is currently in beta mode, has replaced the Scottish Business Portal, which was created to offer “business service and support information” in one location.

The new portal describes itself as a citizen led site, which aims to work with public sector organisations to put user needs first.  Now it has launched, it will continue to work with the Government Digital Service (GDS) to “improve the journey between devolved and reserved services”.


Relocating sites

In a blog post entitled Supporting Scotland’s businesses, Rachel Dowle, Head of Content at the new site, said: “Over the last 100 days, we’ve been finalising what’s needed to close the Scottish Business Portal and move the website’s content and tools on to

The portal ( was originally designed to bring business service and support information into one place – pulling content via an API from partner websites like Business Gateway, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Skills Development Scotland and GOV.UK.

It also hosted interactive tools to calculate business rates and access funding opportunities.”

All of the content and tools from the now inactive Scottish Business Portal have now been transferred to According to the blog post, the team is eager to collaborate with business stakeholders and users to make sure that the content on the new site provides the latest information, and is responsive to user needs.

The team will also be using analytics to help adjust the website’s design according to user experience.

Within the blog post, Dowle explains how content from the Scottish Business Portal was transferred to the new beta site in three stages, moving: “tools, high demand and unique content (including the funding opportunities tool and the business rates calculator)”, “Scottish business support services” and then “GOV.UK content (for example tax advice from HMRC)”. The business rates calculator – reportedly one of the most visited sites on the portal – has now been enhanced.


The next step?

Moving forward, the new portal will now concentrate on “the experience of business users looking to export”.

Dowle said: “This will allow us to further implement our content strategy which puts users before organisations and services, with a clear focus on journeys and tasks to develop our understanding of complex needs.”

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