New app allows clinicians to view patient results on their mobile devices

A new app, FindMyPatient, enables doctors to view a range of imaging and pathology results on their own mobile devices and and track where in the hospital patients have been moved to.

The information technology and business process services firm CGI collaborated with clinicians and the ICT team at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) to develop the mobile IOS app.

CGI plans to make the app available to the wider UK healthcare industry.


Making a ‘real difference’

Over the past three months, FindMyPatient has been tested as a pilot at UCLH and users have already commented that it could save them up to one hour a day.

Richard Cohen, Colorectal Consultant, has spoken about the benefits that the app has to offer.

“I’ve been using FindMyPatient for the last few months and have found that it has made a real difference to my ability to access information on my patients,” he said.

“The app is a great example of how well-conceived IT can help clinicians balance the pressures of modern healthcare. One of the great advantages is that I can use the app outside the hospital to review the patients under my care, which was previously complicated. The app is a real step forward in facilitating patient care.”


How does it work?

The app works by providing a list of patients and their locations in real-time, therefore can help clinicians work more efficiently. It can provide doctors with important information about their patients, such as allergies, and imaging reports through their mobile device a result of the “extensive systems integration and interoperability” with UCLH’s numerous clinical applications.

FindMyPatient has been designed to efficiently integrate with CGI’s e-CareLogic clinical electronic records system, which is in use at UCLH.


‘Time is of the essence’

Ed Percy, Global Healthcare Lead at CGI, has commented on the huge impact the app can have on patient care.

In a critical-care environment, time is of the essence and saving valuable minutes to physically locate patients and their records can make a huge difference to patient outcomes,” he said.

Hospitals that adopt the FindMyPatient app will be able to save time and improve efficiency, making more time available to treat patients.”


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