GDS seeks director to run Common Technology Services

In August, the government’s deputy chief technology officer Magnus Falk wrote about the Government Digital Service’s (GDS) plans to accelerate the creation of the Common Technology Services (CTS) organisation. The GDS is now looking for a director to lead the CTS, with applications closing on 6th October 2015.

According to the job description, which has been posted on GOV.UK, the new CTS director will finish the mobilisation of the organisation and then run it.

The candidate will also be expected to develop the organisation “from its infancy to maturity”.

Reporting to the government chief technology officer, Liam Maxwell, they will be part of the Government’s Technology Leaders Network.


What does the role involve?

According to the job description, the role includes the following responsibilities:

“Create the organisation that can engage with all government departments to identify the most important and influential areas.

“Deliver Common Technology products and services that meet the needs of Central Government’s staff and technology functions, making them more effective and able to operate in a cross government way.

“Engage with departments to deliver the business case savings with suitable evidence.

•Ensure that contracts, as they approach expiry, are critically examined to identify common technology options and enable their remediation and replacement of suitable services with effective common technology service components.

“Engage with senior government technology leaders to ensure that the CTS organisation’s strategy takes account of their challenges.

“Define the strategic direction and business priorities for the development of the common technology.

“Embed the delivery of a sustainable, high quality common technology capability across government with a complementary commercial strategy.

“Bring and foster a deep knowledge of the technology landscape and marketplace to the department, and ensure that it makes effective use of modern standards and solutions.

“Ensure that the common technology strategy enables a dynamic market of service provision and avoids any form of lock-in or long term dependence on single or consortia of suppliers.

“Advocate and effectively explain the need for common technology to board-level senior officials, Ministers and external stakeholders.”

For further information, such as the requirements needed to apply for the position, click here.

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