Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework aims improvements at suppliers

So, next year the much maligned Digital Services framework will make way for its revamped and renamed incarnation: Digital Outcomes and Specialists – and one of the new platform’s key objectives is to make life easier for suppliers.

To that end the Digital Marketplace team has been hard at work gathering feedback form firms on what they want from a new framework, through a series of user research sessions, an online feedback form and a market engagement event.

The team has now collated those opinions and is trying to put the results into action for the new look Digital Outcomes and Specialists.

First on suppliers hit lists was the evaluation process to get onto the framework and be rated by end users, so in its latest blog the Digital marketplace has laid out some improvements to that system based on suppliers’ feedback.


Top five improvements to evaluation process for suppliers:

Simpler supplier evaluation

The focus of evaluation will now be on the call-off stage, making the assessment at framework stage lighter. The Digital Marketplace team has promised to expand on this in a later blog post.

A detailed brief

By encouraging buyers to converse in an open forum with suppliers before entering a tender process it is hoped that end users will build a clearer vision of their detailed requirements that suppliers can challenge and help to clarify.

Procurement in person

As anyone knows, a working relationship is about more than simply technical expertise and suppliers fed back that they want to ensure there is a good cultural fit with potential clients before starting projects.  Under the new framework, buyers can select a face-to-face meeting as part of the evaluation process.

Background information

Suppliers want to know more than simply the task at hand for any new project, instead they want a client’s requirements put into context with comprehensive background information.  The processes involved in the new framework will encourage buyers to provide clear and exhaustive information.


The key lesson from suppliers is that they want feedback from buyers after an unsuccessful bid, so they are well informed to offer a better service next time. The team aims to eventually make it possible to request and submit feedback through the Digital Marketplace.

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