Finding the right talent to ease digital transition

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As the private sector and central government undergo digital transformation, local governments are under increasing pressure to follow suit.

Though with very little precedent to follow an in such a niche area, councils might struggle to bring in the right talent to oversee the transformation of their organisational infrastructure.

“There is little or no precedent for digital leadership in local government,” say the experts at executive search firm Hannington Tame. “It is only recently that the rapid accumulation of hardware, connectivity and software has reached a critical mass where they have become the default method for communication.”

The organisational methodology around the adoption of fast-paced technology is dynamic and counterintuitive to the way that most councils are managed, they add.

However, with the right approach, and understanding of the challenges to come, it’s possible to find a specialist who can effectively manage the integration of digital systems.

Earlier this month the London Council of Hillingdon, with the support of Hannington Tame, hired a Deputy Director of Digital Strategy and Communications to help carry out its digital transformation programme.

In their case study, Hannington Tame explains what it did to ensure the Hillingdon council found the right candidate, and what councils should consider in their hiring process.

Hannington Tame continues: “There are people out there who do understand this new landscape and they can make significant improvements in a matter of months if not weeks.”

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