Kent County Council awards Agilisys contract to run Digital Services team and ‘Contact Point’

Kent County Council (KCC) has chosen Agilisys to run its Digital Services team and customer services Contact Point from December 2015 for at least six years.

It is hoped that the new partnership, which is valued at £23m over the six years, will provide an enhanced experience for citizens across the Kent region.

It will also give KCC access to a proven customer contact system, enabling significant modernisation. The system will bring long term savings to the council by delivering more efficient customer contact and communications.


Transforming council and customer interaction

Peter Carter, leader of Kent County Council, has spoken about what the council hopes to get out of the new deal.

He said: “Our priority is to offer an enhanced experience for the people of Kent when they need to access Kent County Council’s services and contact point.

He added: “In Agilisys, we have found a partner that can help us to take the next step in transforming the way customers interact with us across all channels, building on the high quality services that staff already deliver.

As a result we will also be able to identify even great savings through improved processes, giving the taxpayers better value for money.”


‘Potential to be a regional showcase’

Steven Beard, Agilisys Chief Executive, said: “Agilisys is delighted to have been selected by Kent County Council to deliver a transformational programme that we believe can make a significant contribution to Kent, its citizens and the entire region.

We are hugely excited by the prospect of forging a strategic partnership with the council to help re-shape services in Kent and to deliver a multi-agency, customer-centric approach to service delivery, which has the potential to be a regional showcase, replicated across the UK and beyond.”

It has been reported that over 150 Kent staff will be transferring to Agilisys, who will continue to operate the service from Kent, to “ensure consistent delivery of high quality services to Kent’s customers”. Plans are already underway to “ensure staff will be supported throughout the transition and services will be unaffected”.

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