Regulator chief tells hospital trusts to do more with existing technology

An executive director of health service regulator Monitor has said hospital trusts can improve efficiencies through the use of their existing technology, rather than waiting for a burst of investment.

Adam Sewell-Jones, the health watch dog’s first ever executive director of provider sustainability, took on the role in August and says that the use of computer systems will be a key focus in his drive to streamline services.


‘We could be driving more out of the technology we have’

Sewell-Jones told HSJ: “Without more capital investment we could be driving more out of the technology we have available and that’s even before the cutting edge stuff 13-year-olds are doing at the moment that we’ll catch up with eventually.”

The director said there were plenty of options for trusts seeking to hit tough savings targets and dismissed the opinions of hospital chief executives who complained earlier this year that they could not do any more to improve efficiency.


Naysayers given short shrift 

He commented: “That is rubbish. There is more we can do. But it’s really hard and I can’t say to people, ‘Of course you can do it, because look what I did’, because the fact is it’s hard graft.

“I suspect if you went on to many wards now you’d find jobs that a lower level admin member of staff could be doing but you’ve got a senior nurse who is sat in the office doing it rather than delivering frontline care.”

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