How is the public sector using social media? (Infographic)

This infographic from Goss Interactive shows the results of the company’s survey into public sector digital engagement.

The report accompanying the survey says: “It is good to see that most public sector bodies are embracing some social media activity, with social networking (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn) having the highest usage at 71 per cent followed by microblogging (e.g. Twitter) with 69 per cent usage.

“However, only 43 per cent report that they are monitoring the effectiveness of social media engagement. How do the majority, not measuring their social media activity, know if it is meeting its objectives? Whilst social media monitoring and understanding sentiment can be difficult, there are a range of solutions and training courses on the market to help with this.”


An expensive failure

The report continues: “Measuring the effectiveness of your digital strategy and social media activity is vital to understand how users engage with your website to improve customer journeys. You might be driving significant traffic to your website, but if they are all dropping out before completing their task and reverting to phone contact, then this can be seen as an expensive failure.

“These failures need to be identified so that they can be remedied. This can only be done with robust analytics and the skills to interpret them. Above all, having metrics can help prove the success and justify digital marketing.”


Public sector social media

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