GOV.UK Verify programme director comments on ‘one year of public beta’

Following the news that GOV.UK Verify has passed a year in public beta, its programme director, Janet Hughes, has spoken about what the last year has entailed and how the team are preparing for the service to go live in April next year.

‘No users to 300,000 users’

In the above Government Digital Service (GDS) YouTube video, Hughes said:

It was kind of low key hitting a year because our big focus is about getting from here to live, so we’re not really measuring time on the clock, we’re measuring performance and improvement and iteration and getting to the point when we’re ready to say services can rely on this and they can start turning off alternatives. And that’s what it means to go from beta to live, which we’ll do next April.

We’ve gone from no users to 300,000 users, we’ve gone from one service to 13 services using Verify, we’ve grown the team now so that we’ve got a team capable of taking the service form beta to live. One of our big priorities is improving the completion and success rates for Verify so that more and more people who want to use it can use it. A year in felt like most of the other days, we’re just looking at how can we go on and improve the service today.”


‘Objectives for live’

Hughes recently published a post in the Identity Assurance blog offering an update on GOV.UK Verify’s progress towards its objectives for going live in 2016.

Those objectives are:

  • Readiness for services to adopt GOV.UK Verify
  • 90% Demographic Coverage
  • 90% Success Rate
  • Everyone can use GOV.UK Verify to access government services
  • A range of high quality certified companies
  • UK Verify scaled, resilient and operationally ready for live

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