New online tool allows you to check MOT history of a vehicle

The government has launched a new online service enabling people to discover the MOT history of any car within the UK.

In order to use, you just need to enter a vehicle’s make and registration number.

The new service, which is currently in beta mode, should be beneficial to those looking to purchase a used car, or are interested in the MOT history of their current vehicle.

According to the website Car Keys, it could also be used by those “viewing what is meant to be a new car, as the online check would confirm as to whether the vehicle is indeed brand new”.

mot website


How does it work?

It has been reported that, once you have entered a car’s details, the website delivers information of that vehicle’s MOT history – for example, how many MOT tests it has had in the past and when these took place.

The service also discloses the amount of miles that car had covered at the time of each test, and whether it actually past the test or not. Furthermore, if a car has failed a test, the service can inform users why that was.

Issues such as worn brake pads, worn tyres or corrosion will be highlighted by the website if they’ve been reported in a car’s previous MOT test,” Car Keys reported.

The public can also use the service to find out when their vehicle’s latest MOT certificate is due to expire.

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