5 ways to foster a digital-first culture

An organisation’s cultural response to the digital revolution is as crucial as its commercial response. So how can the public sector foster a digital-first culture?

Early last year Lloyds Banking Group decided to tackle just this challenge; the solutions they pioneered are as applicable in the public sector as the private.

As Susana Berlevy, HR Director for Group Digital at Lloyds, explains: “We often think of customers as the end user of services, but our internal customers are just as demanding of digital capability. Our colleagues expect the same experience at work that they receive as a consumer.”

She continues: “If they can bank, shop, renew road tax, connect socially and learn using a mobile phone, why can’t they interact with their employer the same way?”

Lloyds Banking Group changed hundreds of years of history to instil a digital-first culture in their company. From attracting digital natives to emphasising career development, the five secrets of their success can be found in “The Digital People Strategy”.

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