Wolverhampton CCG moves to connect pharmacies and GPs

Wolverhampton clinical commissioning group (CCG) has signed an agreement with EMIS Health to jointly offer funding towards Pharmacy Access, a software package to enable local community pharmacies and GPs to securely share patient information and streamline the ordering and auditing of repeat prescriptions.

Pharmacies using the EMIS Health ProScript PMR system will be able to request repeat prescriptions electronically from GPs using the EMIS Web clinical system.

Pharmacists will also be able to view key clinical data in the GP record, including adverse reactions and allergies, historically prescribed acute and repeat medications, and test results such as the International Normalised Ratio (INR) thyroid function, blood pressure and blood sugars, amongst others.


A truly connected area

The CCG is now inviting all 27 pharmacies and 35 GP practices in the area using ProScript and EMIS Web systems to roll out the technology.

The rollout will incorporate robust protocols to protect patient confidentiality. Patients must provide documented consent before the pharmacist can view their GP record.


Clinical and administrative benefits

Sheila Gregory, project implementation officer at Wolverhampton CCG said: “We are excited to be offering pharmacists Pharmacy Access, which shows what is possible with joined up healthcare.

“We look forward to measuring the clinical and administrative benefits over the next few months as the project gets up and running.”

Ian Taylor, Managing Director of community pharmacy at EMIS Health said: “This is a timely project that supports the pharmacy profession’s desire to play a greater role in the care of patients, through secure and relevant access to patient information.

“It will also benefit patients themselves, by better joining up their care.”


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