Why citizen-centric service design is essential for digital government

The pressures on public services mean it’s no longer enough just to do things better; government must think differently to make the transformation that’s so urgently needed. Rather than making cost or technology the tenet of service re-design, there’s a more radical agenda: to totally re-invent government operating models by putting citizens at the heart.

In ‘Turning Round the Telescope’, Atos challenges the traditional role of IT in government and explores why citizen-centric service design is essential for public service reform.

As Atos writes: “Citizen-centric services can actually cost less, both short-term through more innovative thinking in service transformation, and in the longer-term through shared data and better co-ordination of resources.”

‘Turning Round the Telescope’ includes key lessons from successful local and central government digital transformations, including the Department for Work and Pensions and City of Edinburgh Council, and explores what’s next on the road to digital government.

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