Peterborough’s internet speeds turn ultrafast as one of UK’s first gigabit cities

Cambridgeshire has received a boost with the launch of Digital City Peterborough today, which the city’s local authority claims will position it as one of the most digitally advanced in the world, alongside Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Spearheaded by Peterborough City Council, which wants to create a cutting-edge digital ecosystem, the initiative is intended to benefit residents and local businesses.


Citywide fibre network 

Peterborough has become a fully-functioning digital city running on an ultra-fast citywide fibre network, built over the past two years.

It already connects 107 public sector sites with a new wave of ubiquitous gigabit-speed services (essentially enabling 40x faster than superfast speeds of 24mbps), and the network is now extending to businesses across the city.

This translates to limitless opportunities for business growth, efficient council processes and new prospects for the region.


A growing revolution

This means Peterborough has joined Coventry, York, Aberdeen and Edinburgh as the UK’s first gigabit cities.

The city-wide fibre network will help eliminate digital divides between residents, and reduce council operating costs, while transferring 10 GB in just over a minute.

As part of the initiative, Digital City Peterborough has a target of moving 80% of council systems and data to public cloud storage by the end of 2016, allowing the council to drive innovation across services from transport, and education to health and utilities.

Gavin Elsey, Cabinet Member for Digital, Waste, and Street Scene says: “Digital City Peterborough will pave the way for UK cities.

“The growth of the tech sector in a non-traditional tech city is vital in ensuring that the city continues to grow in a sustainable and viable way.

“Peterborough City Council, through the Digital City Peterborough programme will ensure the city continues to attract investment and the very best tech expertise.”

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