How can big data help the public sector hit tough targets?

The latest Spending Review has seen the UK public sector challenged to find new ways to be more efficient and save more money, whilst also delivering improved citizen service through digital channels.

How can the public sector assess their big data requirements and ensure that their big data implementation is a successful one? And what is the impact of opening up data to other organisations with the intention of improving services?

A new whitepaper from Big Data Partnership and Skyscape Cloud Services explains how to choose the right tools and technology. It also describes how to take a methodical, step-by-step approach to programme design and implementation.

This whitepaper covers how the public sector can use big data to:

  • be more efficient, by targeting resources more precisely
  • drive medical advances that will save lives
  • underpin delivery of more personalised citizen services
  • give insights to trends or anomalies previously unnoticed

Download your copy of the whitepaper now to understand how.

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