Equip your department against increased cyber threats (infographic)

With widespread predictions of increased cyber attacks in the coming year, it’s time for public sector bodies and citizens alike to ensure they’re protected from online threats.

By 2020 worldwide data is set to reach 44 zetabytes, generated by an estimated 5.9 billion smart phones and 200 billion IoT devices. This simply means there’s a lot more to aim at for cyber criminals.


End of days? (Probably not)

Those of a hyperbolic persuasion have cautioned 2016 as the beginning of international cyber warfare and inter country cyber espionage, citing a possible cybergeddon.

Last week The Washington Post quoted Ted Koppel as saying that ‘when it comes to cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism, we need to think of the unthinkable”.

This infographic from LSA Systems outlines some of the essentials needed to hold back any imminent cyber-attack in 2016.


Cybergeddon story

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