Southampton hospital welcomes new enterprise content management system

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University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS) has announced it is to implement the enterprise content management (ECM) system OnBase by Hyland, which has been enabled by NHS England’s decision to back the project through its Integrated Digital Care Technology Fund.

The electronic health records system, due to be operational by the end of 2016, will provide information sharing for clinicians across UHS, Solent NHS Trust and Southern Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, and significantly enhance continuity of care while reducing costs.

A programme of scanning any remaining patient care paper documents is scheduled to be completed before the closure of the trust’s health records library in 2017.


Delivering paperless care 
OnBase, which was selected following an extensive review by doctors, nurses and midwives at UHS, will enable the trust to deliver paperless patient care by replacing paper forms with electronic forms, capturing externally-generated paper as it enters the trust and digitise its existing paper records.

This is the final element of the trust’s electronic patient record strategy, which is set to provide immediate access to health records.

The system will allow information to be shared between clinicians, using secure computers and tablets.
Catering for 1.9 million residents

UHS provides services to some 1.9 million people living in Southampton and south Hampshire, as well as specialist services, such as neurosciences, cardiac services and children’s intensive care, to more than 3.7 million people across central southern England and the Channel Islands.

The trust is also a major centre for teaching and research, in association with the University of Southampton and partners, which include the Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust.


‘Revolutionising healthcare delivery’

Derek Waller, deputy medical director, chief clinical information officer of UHS, said: “This project is great news for patients and clinicians alike, as it will make healthcare safer and more efficient.

“Over the next three years, the system will revolutionise healthcare delivery and reduce the need for long-term storage of paper health records, saving UHS and our partners Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and Solent NHS Trust more than £1 million a year.”


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