Worcestershire County Council transforms human resources and finance services

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Worcestershire County Council has signed a seven-year contract to deliver a range of transformational human resources and finance services to the Council and local schools.

The contract with service provider Liberata is worth £5.2m and will see the company deliver services that will enable the County Council to save up to £2.2m over the lifetime of the agreement.

Liberata will also be providing services to the region’s schools and other public sector customers. The overall end contract value could be worth up to £23 million.


‘More transparent cost of service’ 

“Liberata has a strong track record in the successful transition of services and staff into its own operations, including working with other local authorities on similar services.  We will now undertake further discussions with Liberata in order to successfully transfer staff and services across from 1 February 2016,” said Councillor Marc Bayliss.

“The commissioning of these services meets our aim to create a lower and more transparent cost of service while also ensuring our commitments to schools and other customers can continue to be delivered now and in the future.”

Worcestershire County Council proposes Liberata delivers the following services:

  • Payroll and control services for the County Council, schools and other customers’ staff
  • Human resources transactional services (employee recruitment and Resources Services) for the County Council and schools
  • Schools Human Resources consultancy
  • Schools Finance Advice
  • Payments for schools and schools systems support
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable for the County Council, schools and other customers
  • Occupational Health
  • Technology solution management, maintenance, support and its future transformation
  • General ledger application to enable the County Council accounting services
  • Process transformation of Human Resources and Finance business processes

In total, 106 roles in payroll, school Human Resources and finance advice, occupational health, transactional services, payment support and technology maintenance will be transferred from the County Council to Liberata. In addition, Liberata will be taking on 25 apprentices from the local area over the next seven years.

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