GOV.UK Notify set for potential February launch

Having completed discovery and an alpha phase, GDS is now moving into beta for the government notifications platform named GOV.UK Notify.

The platform is expected to start sending its first text messages, emails and letters in late February or early March.

The first people to receive notifications through the platform will be those applying for a lasting power of attorney or getting an MOT.


Total rollout imminent

There are a few more services hot on their heels and finally, in the summer, it is intended that the platform will work for all government services.

The platform is designed to keep people informed by allowing service teams across government to send text messages, emails or letters to their users, before they get anxious enough to call.

There are two ways services will be able to send notifications. They can do a simple integration with their web applications or back office systems, or they can use the interface, to upload batches of messages they’ve built or extracted from other systems.

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