New £24m Internet of Things research hub announced

A new Internet of Things (IoT) research hub has been unveiled to drive innovation in the UK.

The project is part of IoTUK, an integrated £40m, three-year, Government programme that seeks to advance the UK’s global leadership in IoT and increase the adoption of high quality IoT technologies and services throughout businesses and the public sector.

The interdisciplinary PETRAS IoT Hub is made up of nine leading UK universities and is set to explore areas such as:

  • Privacy and trust
  • Safety and security
  • Harnessing economic value
  • Standards, governance and policy
  • Adoption and acceptability

Each theme has both a technical and a social science lead. The multidisciplinary nature of the PETRA IoT Hub’s work will enable research that aims to cause a step change in the way IoT systems are conceived, designed and implemented. Across these themes, projects sharing core technologies will be linked in cross-cutting “constellations”:

  • Infrastructure
  • Health and care
  • Control systems and supply chains
  • Ambient environments
  • Identification
  • Transport and mobility
  • Design and behaviour

Innovations will be created hand-in-hand with those who will use them, connecting cutting edge science and engineering, through social sciences to concrete action. By doing so, it will create the necessary solid foundations for technological innovations that are socially beneficial.


UK will be ‘world leader’ in IoT

Evidenced based policymaking in the UK will be supported by the outputs of the PETRAS IoT Hub. Hub members aim to influence standards that facilitate interoperability and opening to new market entrants and inform policy options that are responsive to technological change whilst balancing potential benefits and harms.

Ed Vaizey, digital economy minister, said: “UK universities are renowned for their creativity, and pioneering research and development. We want the UK to be a world leader in the adoption of Internet of Things technologies, and I know that bringing these universities together with partners from the UK’s thriving tech industry will be instrumental in making this a reality.”

The nine universities that make up the hub are: University College London, Imperial College London, University of Oxford, University of Warwick, Lancaster University, University of Southampton, University of Surrey, University of Edinburgh and Cardiff University.

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