Guest Post: Public Sector must use data to affect broader business strategy

In this guest post Tim Flagg, founding director at the ADBL, explores the potentially untapped opportunities awaiting public sector marketers in the age of analytics. 

In an age of analytics and customer insights, organisations must harness their data in order to have a wider affect on a business’ broader strategy. As a business area responsible for generating new enquiries and improving the customer experience, it’s vital that marketing departments harness their insights to affect decision making that will subsequently impact customers. Marketeers are closest to the customer data; however, they still have a limited impact on wider business decision making.

According to the ADBL Digiskills Report, published in Q4 2015, only 34 per cent of the public sector agree with the statement ‘We refer to insights gleaned from actual customers when making a decision that will ultimately impact customers’ in comparison to a cross-industry benchmark of 51.8 per cent. It’s clear from these findings that the public sector is falling behind when it comes to using data to improve customer/user experience. In particular, public sector marketeers need to further involve themselves in the broader business strategy in order to protect the interests of their customer base.

Michael Curry, CEO of the ADBL, is a firm believer in customer centric marketing. He says: “To develop truly compelling experiences and to remain competitive in today’s digital world, it’s essential to put yourself in the shoes of the customer.”

The ADBL’s Executive Diploma in Digital Business equips public sector leaders with the skills and tools to implement tangible digital change across an organisation. The Executive Diploma teaches best practice on how to lead a digital transformation, with focus on incorporating customer insights into a digital strategy. Many marketeers have a deeper understanding of their customers than other areas of their business and therefore should be integral in implementing changes that will ultimately impact these customers.

The ADBLs Executive Diploma’s January intake closes on the 31st January. Visit the website to discover course availability.

Tim Flagg is a founding director of the Academy of Digital Business Leaders, a membership and awarding body designed to enable effective business transformation by developing the talent and mind-set required to innovate and succeed in the digital age. 

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