Worcestershire County Council and OutSystems launch ‘Accelerated Digital Transformation’ for the public sector

With budget cuts continuing to bite, public sector organisations are under pressure to speed up their shift to digital — but doing so successfully requires a robust, agile delivery platform. Worcestershire County Council and OutSystems have joined forces to equip the public sector with the jump-start they need.

As part of the ‘Accelerated Digital Transformation’ initiative, Worcestershire County Council has pledged to make all of its digital assets available as open-source for use by any public sector organisation, enabling Worcestershire’s peers to immediately achieve the dramatic improvements in efficiency, agility and cost-effectiveness it has already seen.

Organisations can investigate the best way of exploiting these open-source modules by developing in their own dedicated OutSystems Rapid Application Delivery Platform environment, free of charge and with expert support, until the 30th of April 2016.

OutSystems, whose work with Worcestershire County Council is an acknowledged example of successful digital transformation, is also offering the chance to apply for a free ‘proof of concept’, applicable to any organisation seeking the best way to exploit the open source modules being published by Worcestershire County Council.

With the first of Worcestershire County Council’s open-source modules set to be published next month, there’s no time to waste.

Fill in the form below to register your organisation and a representative of OutSystems will be in touch to help you get started.

OutSystem’s offer is subject to a training supplement – a five day bootcamp – for at least one developer to enable optimal use of OutSystems Platform and open-source modules.

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