Ealing Council calls for help in developing its digital strategy

The London Borough of Ealing has announced that it is developing a digital strategy in order to support and enable the achievement of its corporate priorities – and is seeking to draw on the experience of others.

Ealing Council is to set out a tech-focused vision that it hopes will deliver a borough that is prosperous, healthier, safer, cleaner, fairer and more accessible. The local authority aims to produce an interim strategy by March and a draft strategy by June 2016.

The Council has identified a draft set of aspirations it wants the strategy to help deliver covering digital customers, the digital council and the digital place.


Drawing on experience

A spokesperson said that the council recognised that digital transformation is a complex and rapidly evolving field, which is why it’s keen to learn from and draw on the experience of other organisations that have created and implemented a digital strategy and utilised digital solutions to transform their services. It’s also keen to hear from those with technical expertise.

Evidence and best practice models are being sought from local and central government, as well as the private sector and feedback on the following lines of inquiry are invited:


  • How do our aims and aspirations compare to comparable organisations both within the UK and abroad?
  • Do our aims and aspirations reflect key trends in technology and take up over the next few years?
  • Do aims and aspirations capture the full range of potential opportunities over the new few years?


  • What is the right approach to supporting and enabling digital transformation within our own organisation?
  • What is the best funding model to encourage digital transformation and minimise the risk of expensive failure?
  • What governance structures best support successful digital transformation?

Digital customers

  • How can we use digital technology to support and encourage our customers to do things for themselves?
  • How can we safeguard against digital exclusion and ensure inclusive access to our services within a digital by default approach?

Digital council

  • What infrastructure do we need to unlock the potential of the data we and other partners hold and what steps do we need to take to put this in place? How best to address and improve services and deliver savings.
  • What level of productivity gains can we achieve through the use of digital technology, in particular the move to mobile platforms?
  • How can digital channels be used to engage more effectively with residents, local businesses and staff?

Digital place

  • What is the evidence that digital technology drives growth and is there evidence that local authorities can influence growth?
  • Does investing in attracting digital businesses to the area yield demonstrable economic growth and job creation results?

Anybody interested in assisting the policy development should contact Ealing Council’s Policy Officer, Amjad Agil, by calling 0208 825 927.

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