IoT development outpaces its security, report says

A new report argues that cybersecurity considerations are lagging behind the fast pace of development in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Entitled ‘Scope, scale and risk like never before: Securing the Internet of Things’, the report finds that the almost infinite benefits of IoT in a hyper-connected society must be counterbalanced by caution to avoid the catastrophic risks posed by cyberattacks.

Developed by Telefónica’s cybersecurity and IoT divisions, in association with a range of partner organisations operating in the field of cybersecurity, the report advocates building consistent standards and regulations, allied with greater trust between developers and operators, promoting universal understanding of cybersecurity to create a robust defence against ever-present threats.


Blurred lines

“It’s not just about the privacy of our own data, or the security of our digital identities,” said Chema Alonso, CEO of ElevenPaths, Telefónica’s cybersecurity unit. “Never before has what we do in our physical lives been closer to the digital world. It is precisely the blurring of the line between the digital world and the real world that represents the changes introduced by the IoT. Let’s understand the problem before it’s too late, and guarantee we are able to offer a complete protection plan, taking advantage of all the knowledge that has been developed for other scopes.”

“There’s lots of focus on the innovation opportunities around IoT – however there has been relatively little on its dark underbelly to date,” added John Moor, Director of The Internet of Things Security Foundation. “If we are not careful we could be sleepwalking into a lot of problems – some of which may not have been seen before.”


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