G-Cloud 6 given six-month reprieve

The government has confirmed that its G-Cloud 6 has been extended for an extra six months to ensure buyers and suppliers will have a choice about which framework to use before G-Cloud 8 is launched.

G-Cloud 6 was due to close at the beginning of February, with users shifted to its successor G-Cloud 7, which went live at the end of last year. However, in a blog post, the Digital Marketplace – the overseeing organisation under which G-Cloud sits – said the sixth iteration will now remain live until 1 August.

The blog said: “We have extended G6 for six months so that users can continue to buy and sell from both G-Cloud 6 and G-Cloud 7 while we’re working on the next iteration of G-Cloud,” the blog said.


No explanation

No reasons were provided for keeping G-Cloud 6 alive although critics of G-Cloud 7 did voice concerns about a new 20 per cent cap on services which they said would make it harder for buyers to scale up the services they buy.

By the end of 2015 over £900m of sales had been made through G-Cloud.

Digital Marketplace says it will brief G-Cloud suppliers when more information is available regarding G-Cloud 8, including news of the formal release date.

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