Free seminar: Patient Identifiable Data and the cloud

Health is now adopting cloud computing and it’s this very environment which presents healthcare suppliers such as yourself with an opportunity to significantly grow your business. But are you in the best position possible to benefit from this change? You need to arm yourself with the necessary tools, knowledge and insight to have the best chance of success in this market.

We all know there is real pressure on the health sector to reduce costs, and increasing patient demand for a digital service. But the security of healthcare data, and specifically that of patient identifiable data (PID), has to be top of the agenda. It’s absolutely crucial that such sensitive information is stored in a safe, secure environment. Is putting PID in the cloud the answer?

We are holding a seminar for healthcare suppliers on Thursday 9th March at 3pm-5pm in Leeds which addresses this issue.

There will be a selection of key speakers and market experts including:

  • Mike Bone, former ICT Director, GOSH
  • Mark Bailey, Government Digital Director, CACI
  • John Godwin, Director of Compliance & IA, Skyscape Cloud Services

And let’s not forget there are very specific challenges you will also meet along the way with reference to governance and assurance in healthcare. Do you know what these are and more importantly, how to navigate them successfully?

The session will cover topics such as:

  • What buyers look for in a digital service
  • The challenges of information governance in healthcare and how to overcome them
  • Real time examples of PID in the cloud

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