Up to 15 government services to start using GOV.UK Verify in April

The government has announced that up to 15 central government services should start using the GOV.UK Verify service in April.

In a blog post the government says that the GOV.UK Verify team is working with 50 government services and 10 departments to plan their adoption of GOV.UK Verify. Most services will join, and start phasing out their existing ways for people to prove their identity, once the service switches from beta to live in April.

Janet Hughes, Verify programme director said: “A total of 90% of the overall UK adult population should be able to use GOV.UK Verify, and 90% of people expected to use GOV.UK Verify to access each service in our pipeline should be able to do so.”


Certified companies

The blog post goes on to say that there are now four certified companies available for users to choose from: Digidentity, Experian, Post Office and Verizon. There are five more on the new commercial framework signed last year, namely Barclays, GB Group, Morpho, Paypal and Royal Mail.

Certified companies are not allowed to provide services through GOV.UK Verify until they have completed all the contractual gates and met all the requirements in the contract.

Hughes concluded by saying: “Before we go from beta to live, like all digital services we will need to pass a service standard assessment for Live.

“We’ve already met many of the 18 points of the Digital by Default Service Standard – for example, our minister Matthew Hancock MP verified his identity in the back of a car travelling between meetings last year (point 18) – but we still have some work to do to meet some of the requirements of the standard.”

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