Warwickshire council and police join forces to fight cyber crime

A pair of cyber crime advisors are being recruited to work with Warwickshire County Council’s Community Safety and Substance Misuse Team.

Applications are now being sought for two new advisors, thanks to funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The new recruits will help the county’s residents protect themselves against online criminals, while working with the police, trading standards, county and district councils and voluntary organisations such as the Neighbourhood Watch to help deliver information on the latest cyber threats.


Significant threat

Police research last year revealed the scale of online crime in Warwickshire is significant – with around 82,000 suspected victims of online crime across the county each year.

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball said: “Although levels of traditional crime continue to fall, it is clear there is a new frontier for criminals who increasingly are turning their attentions online to commit crime.”

Estimates revealed the losses suffered by victims of cybercrime in the county could amount to as much as £2.5m each year.

Ball continued: “While there has already been a great deal of good work carried out by many individual agencies across Warwickshire to try and combat this trend, it was clear to me that a more co-ordinated approach would prove helpful and ensure that the right expert advice from all agencies can get out quickly and effectively to the public.

“This way of working has already proved very beneficial when tackling business and rural crime where I have provided funding for similar advisors, so I am delighted to be able extend this to cybercrime.”

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