Welsh police sign 4G smartphone deal

Pocket notebooks are to become a thing of the past for police in parts of Wales after Vodafone won a contract to provide South Wales Police and Gwent Police with 5,000 4G connections.

The mobile operator said it will provide smartphones to both forces which will replace the traditional police pocket notebook and allow police officers, community support officers and people working in specialist departments to record and share details of crimes, using a police-dedicated app called I-Patrol.

The contract will go live in March this year, and Vodafone claims it will result in a 10 per cent improvement in the amount of time spent by police out on the streets – equating to an additional 436,000 hours per year.


Every second counts

South Wales Police assistant chief constable Richard Lewis said: “In situations where every second counts, it is vitally important that the technology and services we use are both responsive and reliable, if we are to continue to meet the challenges of 21st century policing.

“Our officers now have more information at their fingertips than has ever been previously possible, and they can access and update this quickly, wherever they may be. We are confident that all our communities will benefit.”

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