Too many organisations unconcerned about security breaches, report says

A newly released report has revealed that over a quarter of CIOs in the UK are unconcerned by security breaches.

The report, by Carbon Black – formerly known as Bit 9 + Carbon Black – surveyed 200 CIOs in a range of companies and found that 28 per cent of CIOs were not overly concerned by breaches, despite the recent high-profile incidents.

“The situation is not good,” said Ben Johnson, former computer scientist at the NSA and co-founder of Carbon Black. “In some cases, these companies may feel they’ve done enough,” added Johnson. “Often, companies will write a big cheque, get a massive security system and sit behind those walls with a false sense that they’re strong enough to keep anything out. They don’t stop to think about who is digging under those walls.”


Discovery time

The report also found that 26 per cent of those surveyed believed they would be able to uncover a breach in less than two weeks, while 33 per cent believed they could uncover a breach in less than three months. Incredibly, 14 per cent believed that it would take up to six months to discover a breach.

On a more positive note, nearly every company surveyed uses firewalls and anti-virus software and 62 per cent use encryption. However, less than half use advanced endpoint protection.

Johnson added: “Most companies do not try to figure out how the problem started. So that door that the bad guys walked through? It’s still open.”

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