Public sector risks losing out on digital talent

A lack of engagement with digital channels could lead to a shortage of digitally skilled staff in the public sector.

This is according to a recent report published by the ADBL, which found that just 26 per cent of the public sector agreed with the statement “Our talent acquisition / recruitment function actively uses digital channels (e.g. social media, LinkedIn, Google Hangouts, Skype) to source and engage new talent.” This low number in comparison to a cross-industry benchmark of 48 per cent suggests the public sector are not utilising the digital channels available to them.

Technology has made worldwide talent truly accessible, with resources like Google Hangout and Skype opening up the interview process across the globe. Recruiting via digital channels such as LinkedIn enables organisations to target individual candidates, simplifying the process of digital headhunting whilst bringing down the costs. Moving away from traditional forms of recruitment is also allowing organisations to access a wider talent pool in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace.

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